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Heroes are made, not born. What where you most scared of as a kid? What are you scared of now?
Renārs Kaupers

Мāris Mihelsons

Jānis Jubalts

Kaspars Roga

Our four superheroes reveal their fears. Become one of them and tell us what you were scared of and how you overcame your fears? Mark your answer with #FeelStorm. Five best stories will receive the new Feels gift merchandise box (canvas tote bag, cap and key chain set)
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On October 21st BrainStorm will premier their new album in a unique video format. A unique cinematic experience that will feature all the album songs will be launched. This mesmerizing visual performance will feature guest artists, musical numbers, and a few other surprises. The tickets for the access to the performance, will be available starting from April 21st.

BrainStorm is looking at the production of this video performance as seriously and creatively as they do with their shows: creating special design, video projections, choreography and giving all their stage energy gathered through this past year.
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BrainStorm is a Latvian pop-rock band that for more than 20 years now is the leading band in the Baltics and also is considered to be among artists that set the benchmark on both the Northern Europe’s and Russia’s music stage.

BrainStorm's 14th studio album will be released autumn 2021. Song 'Feels' is its furst sprout coming out already this spring! Don't miss it!
Renārs Kaupers
As a kid, I was very scared of wasps. Occasionally my grandmother would take me to her workplace. I will always remember one time. I was waiting for her outside and was eating a pear, exactly in that moment a wasp got me. It hurt a lot and since that time I always tried to avoid wasps. Many years later, in 2005, BrainStorm was shooting music video for the song “Four Shores”. During the shoot, again a wasp stung me, but this time it was much more serious. The wasp stung me in my tongue and it started to swell. It’s actually quite dangerous as it can block your breathing. I was very scared that time, but gladly all ended well.
They say time heals all wounds, in my case it healed fears
Another one of my childhood fears was atomic bombs. I had heard that someone can just press a button that can totally destroy cities in a moment. I was very scared about my family and the world in general. I couldn’t properly sleep, kept thinking about it. It lasted for about two years. I was not used to sharing my fears, thought it would not help me. It really depends on the person, for one it can be helpful to share and get support from family and friends, but in the end of the day most importantly you need to be able to listen and understand yourself. They say time heals all wounds, in my case it healed fears.
Мāris Mihelsons
Of course, as a kid I thought that a monster is living under my bed. However, my biggest fear was water. In the 2nd grade our class went to the swimming pool where all my classmates where learning how to swim. I, on the other hand, couldn’t go deeper than my waist. Once, my classmate’s dad was also attending the swimming class, seeing that I’m not going into the pool, he just came and pushed me under the water. I was screaming…I was so scared and panicked that I don’t even remember how it all ended that day. I definitely didn’t learn how to swim. When I became older, I become more and more embarrassed that I didn’t know how to swim. My friends where diving, jumping from the trampolines, but I was just standing by. Teenagers very rarely are willing to support each other, more often it’s just easier to laugh about someone who is different. Technically no one laughed about me, but no one also supported. One thing I really wanted for someone to say: “Don’t worry that you cannot swim. The right time will come and you will learn it one day.”
Finally, when I was sixteen, I realized that I’m ready to give the swimming one more chance on my own terms and I did it, fully by myself. Several years ago, I noticed that I can now easily swim for more than couple hundred meters. Success!
Jānis Jubalts
As a kid, I spent most of my free time with my friends in our housing block yard. We usually played our own invented games, and in the evenings, we sat around in the circle and told each other some horror stories. One of these stories stayed with me forever. We often saw a black car model “Volga” driving around my hometown Jelgava streets. Friends said that the car is driving around to catch the kids who haven’t gone home in time. Everyone was laughing, no one showed any fears, even though everyone was a bit spooked. Since then, every time I was walking home around dusk, I checked around in hopes to not see the black “Volga”.
Often fears disappear with time, with some you just learn how to cope
To be completely honest, during that time, it was scary even just to walk into our hallway. During those times, stolen light bulbs was nothing surprising, so it was pitch black in our hallway. You open the doors, but that elevator button in that darkness seems so far. I was trying to do my best to conquer those three steps and extra doors to just get to that red or green elevator button as fast as I can without not tripping or hitting anything. Even now remembering it I get goosebumps. I felt like James Bond every time I got to that lift. As soon as the door opened, I was saved! Often fears disappear with time, with some you just learn how to cope. Me, I often just try to count down from 10 to 1 – it helps me to focus.
Kaspars Roga
In my dreams, I often saw two monsters chasing me. One was small, the other huge in size. Never less, they both kept changing their sizes which now reminds me of something similar of how strobe lights flash on stage. I always was running and they never stopped chasing me. I must have been around 5 years old and it truly felt that this dream represents some parallel reality. One day I just stopped seeing it and have never seen it since. What’s most interesting, my son Leo is exactly 5 right now, and he tells me about his dreams that are exactly the same as mine. It is a bit freaky, feeling that those monsters from my childhood have never left.
The best way to conquer fears is to look them straight in the eye
My second biggest fear was much more tangible – dentist. When I was growing up no one used any anesthesia so every dental work truly brought some real pain. Gladly we have advanced in this. The best way to conquer fears is to look them straight in the eye. If you try to run, they will just become bigger. Stop for a moment, face them and you will see how they start losing their power over you.